FairosRx Announces New President

FairosRx Announces New President

Experienced Healthcare Executive Prepared to Lead 

100% Pass-Through Pharmacy Benefit Solution

AMARILLO, TX – FairosRx, an OccuNet company, is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Smith, RPh, as President of FairosRx. Smith, an accomplished healthcare professional with extensive expertise in contract management, financial management, vendor management and marketing, is prepared to lead a veteran pharmacy benefit team at FairosRx. “Now more than ever, employers should be demanding clarity when it comes to their pharmacy benefit spend. As the PBM, our duty is to provide a cost-effective solution that not only reduces the cost of our client's prescriptions, but also improves the health and well-being of our members," Smith said. “Our clients and broker partners can expect the highest standard of patient care and support, combined with detailed plan monitoring and pharmacy benefit pricing education. FairosRx is truly a cost-effective, transparent solution that ensures our incentives are in-line with our clients and we are prepared to prove it. We return 100% of all discounts or rebates directly back to our clients; we don't play any of the games."

"There is an uncomfortable secret in the pharmacy benefit world: Everyone claims to be transparent, but the reality is, most of them aren't," says Caleb Fairly, President of FairosRx's parent company OccuNet. “When our organization recognizes a lack of excellent solutions within any industry that we believe we can have a positive impact in, we get to work. We're thrilled that Steve is leading the FairosRx team and focusing on bringing real value and solutions to our pharmacy benefit clients, just like our other product offerings.”

Prior to accepting the position at FairosRx, Smith served as Executive Vice President of Texas-based Maxor National Pharmacy Services. “Steve has an impressive 25 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and we are excited to watch him now lead the charge at FairosRx,” explains FairosRx Founder Alex Fairly. “Steve understands the importance of helping patients get medications they need at costs they can afford, a vision directly in line with our ultimate goal.” 

As a member of multiple national healthcare and pharmacy organizations, Smith helps ensure positive healthcare outcomes through quality, accessible and affordable pharmaceutical care. He has a proven track record of solving healthcare issues and then applying that information to change healthcare for the better. With expertise in benefit management and the practice of pharmacy, as well as being a licensed insurance agent, Smith will be an asset both internally and externally. "My core focus is to provide our clients with exceptional products that creates a rewarding member experience while continuing to build a top-notch team of industry-leading experts," says Smith.

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